Enchanting characters and challenging legendary duelists – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, you can unlock many more characters whose decks you can customize and use against your friends. If you want to unleash legendary duelists like Weevil, Ishizu or Odion, you must first complete a challenge and then fulfill the requirements of some missions. The characters also appear in your duel world. You can challenge them to a duel and earn such rare cards. If ever You want Fun in Your Game and want to fullfill your dream deck you can claim free yu gi oh duel links gems

In this post we would like to introduce you to the legendary duelists and also tell you how you can unlock all the characters .

In Yu-Gi-Oh!  Duel links are special events where you can unlock strange characters.In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links are special events where you can unlock strange characters.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Left: Unlock all characters

As we have already told you in our tips , you can decide after the start for Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba. The other Duellanten then turn off some later in the game. Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Mako Tsunami, and Rex Raptor are also well-known for their release. Only when these characters appear in the gate, you can see the so-called character release missions . To Follow More About Yu Gi Oh Duel Links You Can Always Visit the below site.

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You must complete these assignments so that you can select the duelists as an active character . You also get access to your starter deck and find them at different locations in the city, where you can challenge them. Here is a brief example with Téa Gardner: Once you have reached level 5, the duelist appears in the gate, where you can challenge her at any time in exchange for keys. If you want to unlock them as a playable character , you only have to use five magic or trap cards and defeat them in the Gate on Level 20.

If you release the first release condition, the characters appear in the gate.If you release the first release condition, the characters appear in the gate.

The following table shows you the release conditions for all characters , as well as the subsequent missions for all duellists.

Characters Reaching conditions Character release emissions
Yami Yugi Select as starting character or from level 15. • Use five spell cards in a duel.
• Collect 10 cards.
• Sets the blue-eyed w. Dragons once.
• Defeat Yami Yugi on level 30.
Seto Kaiba Select as starting character or from level 15. • Use five spell cards in a duel.
• Collect 10 cards.
• Use the Dark Mage once.
• Defeat Yami Yugi on level 30.
Joey Wheeler Reached level 3. • Defeat Joey Wheeler on level 1.
Téa Gardner Reached level 5. • Use five magic or trap cards.
• Defeat Téa Gardner on level 20.
May Valentine Reached level 10. • Win three duels in a row.
• Defeat May Valentine as Joey Wheeler.
• Defeat Joey Wheeler on level 20.
Weevil Underwood Reach level 20. • Defeat 100 standard duelists.
• Sets 30 spell cards.
• Restores 1,000 LPs in a duel.
• Defeat Weevil Underwood on level 30.
Rex Raptor Defeat 100 standard duelists. • Splits 2,000 damage effects.
• Performs three Tribut summaries in a duel.
• Defeat Rex Raptor on level 30.
Mako Tsunami Performs 150 Tribut summaries. • Performs 150 Tribut summaries.
• Sets 20 skills.
• Performs six summons in a duel.
• Defeat Mako Tsunami on level 30.
Bandit Keith Defeat 50 legendary duelists. • Defeat 50 legendary duelists.
• Collect two cards of machine type.
• Defeat Bandit Keith on level 30.
Ishizu Ishtar Summons 200 Light Tributons. • Summons 200 Light Monsters.
• Win a duel against Ishizu Ishtar with 6,000 LP remaining.
• Defeat Ishizu Ishtar at level 30.
Odion Ishtar Enables 300 cases. • Enables 300 case cards.
• Activates ten case cards in a duel.
• Defeat Odion Ishtar on level 30.
Maximilian Pegasus • Earned 35,000 points in “Welcome to the Toon World”.

In the menu you can see the character release missions for every legendary duelist.In the menu you can see the character release missions for every legendary duelist.

Maximilian Pegasus

Duelists like Maximilian Pegasus visit the duel world only for special events. In “Welcome to the Toon World” you have to earn a total of 35,000 points, so that you can unlock the inventor of the card game. If you want to challenge Pegasus in the gate, you must first collect stars.

You will receive the stars after successful matches against the duelists in your game world. Usually you get 2-3 stars per win . An additional reward will win you several victories in a row. We recommend you save at least ten stars and challenge Pegasus to level 20 . At this level, he has many monsters that can directly attack your life points, but destroy them easily if you have only a few monster cards with an ATK value of over 1,000.

In addition, the points earned after a victory over Maximilian Pegasus on level 20 are provided with a threefold multiplier . So you do not need many duels until you reach the magic limit of 35,000 points.

You have never heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links heard? Then we recommend you the following trailer, which shows you first play scenes.

Tips: Attack on FIFA 17

Tips: Attack on FIFA 17

The main goal is to score goals. How to make the most of your opportunities, read this praxistip.
  • When shooting, make sure that you aim with the analogue stick at the goal and fill the shot strength depending on the distance up to the 2nd or 3rd bar.
  • In a one-to-one situation against the goalkeeper, the opportunity often arises for a lupfer (L1 or LB). Try this only if the goalkeeper FIFA 17 Coins Hack comes out of the goal and gives you enough room. If he is too close to the goal, he can still go back and catch the ball easily.
  • In the case of close shots, a shot shot with the right shoulder button (R1 or RB) is also available.
  • In addition to these shot types, you can also fooled a shot and play the last defender or goalkeeper.
  • To fake a shot, press the paste button immediately after the shot button.

Tips on defense in FIFA 17

Tip: Defense in FIFA 17
Just as important as the attack is the defense. Even the best attack is useless, even if the opponent turns every attack into a goal.
  • As a game system, “Tactical Defending” is used in FIFA 17. In online games this system is mandatory.
  • As a defender, approach the ball player first with the passkey. As long as you keep the button pressed, run and sprint the opponent automatically afterwards.
  • With a square or X, then execute a ratchet and a circle with B or a tackle.
  • If you press RB, you can call a second fellow to help.
  • However, you should FIFA 17 Coin Generator Site have a look at the overall situation and the other opponents in addition to the ball-bearing player.
  • Try to eliminate the tempo by preventing the opponent from passing and flanking.
  • With the left trigger, you can push players off the ball – this also works in the sprint.
Decisive for the victory is also the talent of the players. The 20 best players in FIFA 17 can be found in the next Praxistipp.

Clash Royale Cheats on iOS

With Clash Royale we have access to one of those games that are gaining an important place in our mobile devices. The strategy invades our Android and iOS with the title Supercell. Here are some Clash Royale tricks on iOS.

Clash Royale Cheats on iOS: Fast Level Up

In this type of games it is essential to level up fast. What is called reaching the “King Level” is to reach the highest level and, although it is somewhat complicated, it is possible. Here are a few key points to level up fast.

Join a clan: By joining a clan we will automatically gain experience points.

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Donate letters: With the donation of letters to the friends we will get 5 experience points + 3 gems.

Exceeds arenas: . When we reach Arena 2, we will have a reward of 5 points + 3 gems.

Add 20 cards: When you get 20 cards from Chests, you will gain 5 Experience Points + 3 Gems.

Battles in TV Royale: We must watch battles in the TV Royale and we will be able to gain more points of experience.

Level up the characters: When climbing to the characters we will spend coins but we will raise our king level of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Tricks on iOS: The Letters

We can form armies of cards. We must know what they are, what they serve and what we can achieve from each of them. In each battle we can only use 8 cards, so check them well to combine them. We must know the main types of cards: common, rare and epic.

Common Letters:

They leave more often and are part of all the coffers, of whatever type. The characters that appear in these cards have less resistance and power than the characters of rare or epic cards. These are,  Knight,  Download,  Horde of Minions, Minions,  Barbarians,  Mortar  Bomb,  Arrows,  Tesla,  Goblins,  Goblins with spears, Archers,  Skeletons and  Canyon .

With these we will form our army at the beginning of the game and, although of low power, they are useful to make combinations.

Rare Cards:

They are more important than ordinary cards, but appear less often in gold coffers and magic coffers. The characters in these cards have a longer life bar and inflict more damage on our enemies. These are,  Mini PEKKA,  Elixir Collector Mage, Musketeer,  Giant,  Valkiria,  Pork Rider,  Bomb  Tower, Hell Tower,  Goblin Hut, Tombs,  Barbarian Hut,  Rocket and  Fireball .

They can be combined with the common cards, so you have to try to level them.

Epic Cards:

The cards more difficult to acquire and more powerful than all the others. We only have them inside the magic coffers. These are  PEKKA Clash Royale,  Prince, Golem,  Mirror,  Baby Dragon,  Witch,  Giant Skeleton,  X-Bow,  Balloon,  Skeleton Armor, Rabies,  Goblin in Barrel,  Lightning  and  Ice .

There are  14  cards of each type , with a maximum of 42. But, we can only use eight.

There is another categorization: troop cards (for attack and defense) , building cards (protect locations or make new troops appear), and spell cards (attack and defense). These can only be used once.

Cheats Clash Royale on iOS: Chests

Coffers are important rewards as they are a source of resources. We can get them by winning every battle. We will get a chest by battle and within them we will have letters, gems and gold. Anyway, we have to know that there are several types of coffers.

Wooden Safes: These are free coffers and recharged every four hours. In them we will find gold, gems and two cards. The best to collect gems and the only ones that contain them. These are we need to move forward. The idea is to access the game every eight hours because we can only accumulate two of these coffers unopened.

Crown box : We need at least 10 crowns to open it, one for each tower destroyed in each game. It is possible to get it without winning battles. We will have to wait at least 24 hours to re-unlock it. This chest will give us gold and letters and from time to time, although they may also have gems.

Silver chest : It is the chest that we will open more when winning battles. We’ll find gold and four cards. This opens in 3 hours if we do not want to use gems.

Gold Chest : A chest containing gold and 14 cards, one at least rare. This can open in 8 hours or pay a few gems.

Magic Box: This contains gold and 41 cards,   one epic and eight rare. The bad thing is that it takes 12 hours to open, if we do not want to spend several gems.

We can get a silver, gold or magical chest in the store for 30, 80 or 400 gems respectively . Opening safes is a great option to improve on the game. Recall that we can only open one in each game and accumulate four closed.

Cheats Clash Royale on iOS: The Battles

Fighting in battles is a primordial part of the game, with which you get, chests, cards and level up. Although we remember that we need elixir.

When we get a card we see that there is a small purple drop in the upper left. This has a number inside, the amount of elixir they consume.

Each battle will give us a bar with 10 elixir points. These will be spent as we combine our cards. However it gradually regenerates during the battle. The elixir regenerates only, even, when 60 seconds are missing to finish the combat will multiply.

Clash Royale Cheats on iOS: Tips

Here you can see the tricks of Clash Royale on iOS and how to win. Here are some tips and advice:

Attack and defense:

Towers are for something When attacking a  tower it is best to wait for the enemy to be within range. We can distract him and finish him from the tower.

Do not wait: When we get to the maximum of elixir we must throw some letter because if we can not lose elixir .

Get elixir: We must try to end the enemy’s cards with the  least cost to spend less elixir than he.

Do not obsess: Although it seems a good idea, it is not good to attack by surprise a tower. We must be patient and observe the enemy. We should also save elixir.

A for the weakest tower: It is good to start attacking on  the same side where we have the weakest tower.

Resource management:

Use cards well:  The use of  cards is logical. We can use arrows for the attack of a Barrel of Goblins or a Horde of Minions.

Common Letters:  You have to  look more closely at common cards as their cost is low and they are easy to raise the level.

Use TV Royale: We can use the Clash Royale tab to see the best plays out there.

Use the cards collectively:  Each card is unique, but we can play with them as a team.We can combine them to make them lethal.

Check the elixir mean:  While  setting the deck we can see the average elixir we have. So we will know if we have too many high-cost cards (more than 4 or 5).

Spend the gems:  It is good to save the gems that we are getting, so we will  fight to open the coffers we want.

Being up to date: By keeping up with the  updates we will be able to know which cards have improved or deteriorated and discard them or look for them.

These are a few tricks of Clash Royale in iOS that we hope will help you to get to the top in your games.